Like Zuenir Ventura’s “1968”, 2013 is a year that did not end. From the protests of that June, when thousands of Brazilians took to the streets throughout the country to demand new answers to the problems that shape our society ills – inequality, corruption, violation of human rights, etc. – ATOEFEITO (something like ACTEFFECT) was born.

Echoing the indignation of that moment, but seeking to go further, we are a free operation nucleus, in which citizens voluntarily come together to employ their talents in supporting many different causes.

ATOEFEITO is interested in dealing with complex issues, specially those of interest (or that should be of interest) to society.


Brazilian population grows faster in the prisons than outside it. But what happens after the problem is “isolated” from society? Who cares? How long will we ignore that Brazilian prisons have been converted into schools of crime and constitute a complex ecosystem to which we belong? And at least, may a prison be different?

In 2014, ATOEFEITO got to know the ‘APAC Method’.

Alternative model of criminal execution, the APACs are prison units focused on the recovery of convicts sentenced to deprivation of liberty by means of a method that includes axes as discipline, work theraphy and rescue of self-esteem. In the most advanced stage, an APAC is managed by the convicts themselves, known as ‘recuperandos’ (something like ‘rehabilitees’).

It is a genuinely national proposal, exported to various countries but, surprisingly, ignored by us, Brazilians. Why?

There are many questions.

Soon we will share our gaze about the cause.

We invite you to follow us on this journey.

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